How to download fonts from MYfonts free

Posted by | Other Tuts | No Comments is a great site to download expensive fonts. Sometimes you just can’t find that font anywhere else, however you can download it in woff and convert it to ttf.

First step after you enter the site is to pick a font you want to download, for this tutorial I’m going to choose Quan.

Now we need to open up Network and put on the font filter

In Chrome: Press Ctrl+Shift+I o F12
In Firefox: Press Ctrl+Shift+I


Now that we have that open, we have to go to webfont in the website


After we do this the fonts will load, in Chrome you can preview them, in firefox you’ll have to guess which one is which. There are a few webfonts in the list that are just social network icons from the site itself. The others are the fonts we are trying to download


Download the file and rename it so its extension is .woff. IE: font.woff


Great, now we have the font in .woff format so all we have to do is convert it to ttf so we can install it in windows.

Two easy ways: Online converter, Program is an online woff converter, you can just select the font and redownload it as ttf.


And thats it, the program I use for it is Transtype4 which is not free. However it was the only program i could find for Windows 8 that properly converted woff to ttf. It also has a better organizer and exporter for when you download a hole family.